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Perfect Books.

We love challenges, complexity, and making books perfect. 



Anchor Point

We will determine the best point to start our work. This anchor point can be a prior year audit report or a prior year tax filing. In some cases, we will create the anchor point for you. We will then reconcile your books to the anchor point and we can begin moving forward to the next point.



Current Point

With the anchor point set we can begin our GAAP based accounting work. We will prepare and close your GAAP compliant books through to an agreed upon current point. The current point might be the current year-end for your organization or a prior month-end.



Better Design

Now that your GAAP compliant books are current we will design a better set of books for your organization. We will leverage the knowledge we obtained while preparing and closing your books to create a perfect set of books for your organization.



Training and Maintaining

Perfect books require maintanence. We will train you and your staff on how to use your perfect books and how to maintain your perfect books. 



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